Energy Express Project

Why Energy Express?

Energy Express are passionate about society, the environment and sustainability. We are responding to the rising cost of energy in our current economic climate and the urgent need to address carbon emissions globally. There is great potential for financial savings and emission reductions by improving energy efficiency and energy resource conservation in the housing sector.

The Energy Express service endeavours to positively impact upon householder’s costs and standards of living, through contributing towards cutting carbon and cutting bills.

Low Cost  |  Low Disruption  |  Real Results

  • We provide a tailored service that addresses the specific needs of an individual household.
  • Our technology is independently reviewed in order to provide our customers with the best energy saving technology on the market that will enable maximum energy savings.
  • Through engagement and on-going support we provide our customers with the information they need to continue to reduce their energy usage long term.

The Energy Express Story

Energy Express was founded by Philip Strong in 2011.

For many years our CEO Philip Strong has channelled considerable energy into social projects, focused on sustainability, improving the quality of urban life and developing practical technologies for developing countries. One example of this was the design of a high-quality shelter aimed at providing low-cost housing which may be easily mobilised and erected in situations of extreme poverty or emergencies.

In order to further this work and to engage with people from his existing company, he helped establish the Reflex Foundation, a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC) set up with the support of the Board of Reflex Marine Ltd. This was a way of making a tangible contribution to the wider society, 7.5% of the company’s annual profits are donated to the foundation, whilst seeking donations from other sources. As a small but globally orientated business involved in the energy sector Reflex Marine support projects focused on sustainability, energy efficiency and education. A particular focus is placed on to reaching out to developing countries and to regions in which the business has an impact.

The natural next step was to put increasing focus on developing a company that lives these values and cares passionately about sharing them with society in a meaningful way, welcome Energy Express.

Our Mission

Energy Express aim to increase awareness of energy efficiency and sustainability. We are passionate about householders being in control of their energy usage, increasing the energy efficiency of homes and reducing energy wastage.

The Team

Philip Strong - CEO & Chairman

Sandra Antonovic - Project Director

Victoria Kalina - Technical Development

Jamie Martin - Technical Development

James Strong - Business Development Manager

Andrew McFarland - Analytics Manager

Christoph Harwood - Project Consultant 

Fernando Alegria - Spanish Market Coordinator