Energy Express is a service being developed to help householders reduce their energy usage. With our 2 x 2 service, two highly trained technicians will carry out an energy saving service in your home in just two hours. As we prepare for a full commercial launch in 2017, we are looking to provide the Energy Express' energy efficiency service free of charge to 10 households within the city of Bristol.  Our aim is to help increase the awareness of energy efficiency, save energy and get valuable feedback from participants. 

The Offer

Energy Express offers 4 packages which have been assembled to address a mix of different energy systems:

  • Watt-a-package! - Electricity and water saving measures
  • Bright & Cosy - Electrical space heating and water saving measures
  • Comfortably Cosy - Gas central heating and water saving measures
  • The Full Monty - Gas central heating, water and electricity saving measures

Included in the service is training on how to make the most of the technical measures installed, personalized advice for further energy efficiency work that can be carried out, tuning of your home energy systems and a tariff review. You can also choose to receive a 1-year support in form of newsletter and further advice on energy saving.

What We Will Do

  • Review your energy bills and provide you with impartial advice on switching supplier so you can make instant savings!
  • Install a user friendly energy monitor to help you understand your electricity usage.
  • Install a range of energy saving products including heat reflectors, digital radiator valves, water saving shower heads and LED light bulbs.
  • Provide advice on how to use the products to maximize energy saving and reduce your bills.

The Result

  • Increased energy efficiency of your home.
  •  An understanding of how your home energy systems operate.
  • Reduction of your energy wastage.
  • Long term savings from free products for you to keep!


Selection preference will be placed on applicants who are able to provide copies of their electricity, gas/oil and water bills that cover at least the previous 24 months as closely as possible.  This will allow us to review your energy usage and establish a base line from which to estimate your energy savings. Successful applicants will be contacted by us to schedule an installation.

Your involvement

The following outlines the trial's process for participants:

  1. PRE-INSTALLATION: Complete online Application Form
  2. PRE-INSTALLATION: Submit at least the previous 12, up to 24, months of utility billing information to Energy Express by post or email
  3. PRE-INSTALLATION: Sign and return Conditions of the Trails to Energy Express by post or email 
  4. PRE-INSTALLATION: Energy Express will call to book in an installation visit
  5. INSTALLATION VISIT: Receive the 2x2 Energy Express service
  6. 1mth POST-INSTALLATION: Complete Post-Installation Survey
  7. 12mths POST-INSTALLATION: Complete Follow Up Form
  8. 12 & 24mths POST-INSTALLATION: Submit at least 12, up to 24, months of utility billing information post the installation visit

The Installation Service

  • Based on the information you provide in the Application Form, participants will receive a proposal for the service.
  • On arrival our technicians will discuss the outline of the visit and make sure you are happy for us to implement and install the measures.
  • Quickly and with minimal disruption we can help you start saving energy and money!

You will receive a free energy monitor as part of the deal! With your consent Energy Express will be able to remotely monitor your electricity usage in order to analyse the impact of the installation service. This would involve us setting up an account for you and sharing your login details just for this monitor.

There may be occasions when additional members of the Energy Express team need to be present at an installation visit, to see how the installation is working. When this is necessary it will be discussed with you at least 24 hours prior to the installation.

Due to the nature of the trials the installation delivery may take longer than 2 hours for completion.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in working with us to perfect the best possible service for all our customers.

All personal information provided by participants will be treated as confidential and shall not be passed on to any third parties for commercial use. In exchange for the free service we ask that you agree to the conditions above. We look forward to working with you!

If you have any questions or would like to know more please don't hesitate to get in touch either by phone: 01179 807661 or email: